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Video is one of the fastest growing technologies being used in Recruitment. Visually attractive, easy to absorb and versatile, it appeals to today’s audiences who are constantly attached to their smartphones, tablets and social networks.

Why video is awesome

JOBVIDDY supercharges ordinary video like never before. Fully customizable, JOBVIDDY’s unique player brings exciting interactive features to your Recruitment videos. Wow your audience with inbuilt live chat, podcasts, social feeds, infographics, talking heads, CTA’s and much more!

With its multi-lingual versatility, JOBVIDDY helps businesses deliver awesome results across the entire Recruitment Lifecycle. Attract and engage the best talent, welcome future stars or retain new hires, its uses are endless.

Features & Benefits

Supercharge your brand story

Tell a great brand story and attract the best candidates

Go viral and wow mobile audiences

Share across social networks and increase your talent reach

Retain your star performers

Get engagement with new hires with great Welcome and Onboarding videos

ROI & results you can measure

Measure how fantastic your videos are with our performance analytics

Expert advice & ongoing support

Love video but don't know where to start? No problem, talk to our experts for free advice

Fast, easy & budget friendly

Low cost flexible price plans, no fixed contracts, hosting charges or hidden costs


No more boring text only job adverts! Switch on the after burners and watch your talent attraction results rocket with JOBVIDDY’s unique interactive video job ads.

Engaging multi-media content and inbuilt capture features all in one easy to navigate package. JOBVIDDY™ is perfect for job postings, enhancing your social media presence, transforming your careers website or to boost to your candidate email campaigns.

Supercharge your brand with video

1 minute of your video is worth 1.8M words. Be more visible and make your brand stand out brand to your market

More advert views, watched for longer

Job adverts with video are viewed 3x longer and receive 12% more views than text only job adverts

Improve your talent reach

Add to your website, share across social media channels, optimize your ATS/CRM templates and retargeting campaigns

Capture and engage more top talent

Infographics, Live social feeds, Live Chat and Call to Action features make sure you capture the best talent every time

Increase application quality

Increase application rates by up to 34% and massively improve candidate quality

Anytime, anywhere, any device

Fully responsive video job adverts and campaign pages allow jobseekers to view your adverts anytime, anywhere on any device


Impressing great candidates to apply to your career opportunities is just the beginning. Use JOBVIDDY™ in every interaction between their application and interview to further promote and re-enforce your employer brand and confirm their decision to apply.

Increase positive engagement opportunities and ensure candidates receive a world class recruitment experience that they can share with others.

Build a Talent Pipeline

Live chat with Jobseekers and use in your ‘get in touch’ emails

Automate Engagement

Add video to your automated ATS messaging and increase response rates

Interview Preparation

Prepare candidates like never before and improve interview to job offer ratios

Resignation Preparation

Deliver the best resignation advice and reduce counter offers

Improve Recruiting Efficiencies

Make video an essential hiring toolbox item and bring consistency to your recruiting

A Great Recruitment Experience

Give a recruitment experience and get great candidate referrals


Congratulations! You’ve found and hired your next star performer and it’s vital to their success that you onboard new employees effectively. With 22% of staff turnover occurring in the first 45 days of employment, first impressions matter, especially to new hires.

JOBVIDDY™ can help you make that great first impression, communicating company culture, helping build community, offering engaging training and equipping new employees with the resources and information needed to instantly become a valuable team member.

Give hires a great welcome

Ease the stress of changing jobs with great candidate support

Get new hires productive

Map out the induction process and get new hires productive quickly

Optimise training

Deliver optimal training and development content

Day 1 success planning

Give new hires all the information they need to have an awesome 1st day


Retention strategies are vital to ensuring your new star signings stay with your organization and contribute effectively. What you do in the first 3 months of their employment are key to making this happen. New employees who go through a structured onboarding program are 58 percent more likely to be with the organization after three years.

Use JOBVIDDY surveys to measure new employee progress and happiness, monitor retention trends and make changes before it’s too late.

Get feedback on your induction

Measure new employee happiness and progress

Communicate development opportunities

Deliver career development programmes

Boost your internal hiring engagement

Promote your internal job opportunities

Reduce Future Re-Hiring Costs

Act on employee survey results and prevent leavers

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